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They are magazines/journals, multi authors
1924 and 1929, Moscow

This is a serious find for a collector of early soviet literature and things, a historian or anyone interested in early soviet history!!!!! This is an excellent price and they should sell fast…make me an offer if you want them first.
Thanks for looking. I have 76 “Prozhektor” journals from the years 1924 and (I think, I will explain later) 1929, most from 1929. These are very rare…they were very open and honest magazines that discussed early soviet life in an open way. Later, after Stalin consolidated his power, he made possession of these journals illegal and punishable by a term in a hard labor camp so very few of these survive to this day, esp. early ones as I have. Stalin made them illegal because of their honesty as well as honest depection of those he pushed out of power and demonized. They include thousands of “original” pictures (I say “original” as I am sure they were doctored to serve Lenin’s purposes) that would later be altered by Stalin himself. Many pictures and articles about the success of those Stalin would later kill or imprison. Most of the pictures are black and white (all from the 1924 series, most from the 1929 series), but there are some color pictures as well. A huge amount of avant-garde art!!!! Great pictures…
I lived in Ukraine for many years and collected these sorts of things. I have too much stuff and I need money so these have to go.
They are all in excellent condition considering their age. The paper is yellowed, no rips at all, binding tight (they look as though they have never been read) with the exception of two (noted below). They are each about 30 pages thick.
I had these appraised only once, several years ago and at that time I was told that they would have an auction value of at least $50 a piece, and the guy offered me $25 on the spot for them. My asking price is far below that. The lot includes:

From 1929:
Issue No.: 1-119; 2-120; 3-121; 4-122; 5-123; 6-124; 7-125; 8-126; 9-127; 10-128; 11-129; 12-130; 13-131; 14-132; 15-133; 16-134; 17-135; 18-136; 19-137; 20-138; 21-139; 22-140; 23-141; 24-142; 25-143; 26-144; 27-145; 28-146; 29-147; 30-148; 31-149; 32-150; 33-151; 34-152; 35-153; 36-154; 37-155; 38-156; 39-157; 40-158; 41-159; 42-160; 43-161; 44-162; 45-163; 46-164; 47-165; 48-166; 49-167; 50-168; 51-169; 52-170;

From 1924:
Issue No.: 1-23-15-Jan; 2-24-31-Jan; 3-25-16-Feb; 4-26-29-Feb; 5-27-18-Mar; 6-25-31-Mar; 7-29-15-Apr; 8-30-30-Apr; 9-31-15-May; 10-32-31-May; 11-33-20-Jun; 12-34-30-Jun; 13-35-15-Jul; 14-36-31-Jul; 15-37-15-Aug; 16-38-31-Aug; 17-39-18-Sep; 18-40-30-Sep; 19-41-18-Oct; 20-42-31-Oct; 21-43-20-Nov; 22-44-1-Dec; 23-45-20-Dec; 24-46-31-Dec;

The 1924 issues are very interesting, as this was the year Lenin died and Stalin started to consolidate his power.

"Prozhektor", They are magazines/journals, multi authors, 1924 and 1929, Moscow