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"Don Grnsht Gchur"
Alfred Rethel
Bielefeld und Zeopzig, 1911

Alfred Rethel (1816 – 1859) - немецкий художник.

Another design which Rethel executed was "Death the Avenger," a skeleton appearing at a masked ball, scraping daintily, like a violinist, upon two human bones. The drawing haunted the memory of his artist friends and disturbed their dreams; and, in expiation, he produced his pathetic design of "Death the Friend." Rethel also executed a powerful series of drawings "The Dance of Death" suggested by the Belgian insurrections of 1848. It is by such designs as these, executed in a technique founded upon that of Albrecht Drer, and animated by an imagination akin to that of the elder master, that Rethel is most widely known.
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Don Grnsht Gchur. Alfred Rethel. Bielefeld und Zeopzig, 1911
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